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CA Certificate For Student & Tourist VISA

A CA Certificate for Student & Tourist Visa refers to a document that states the net worth of an individual, which is certified by a practicing qualified Chartered Accountant (CA). This report is usually required during Visa processing. Net worth represents the total resources of an individual or organization after deducting liabilities from the total size of assets. This CA Certificate is also sometimes referred as CA Report for Visa or CA Networth Certificate. We provide CA certificate for the following categories of Visa - Student Visa, Tourist Visa, SOWP Visa (Spouse Open Work Permit Visa) and others.


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What is CA Certificate / CA Report / Networth Certificate for VISA?

A CA certificate or (also referred as) CA Report or Networth Certificate is a basic net worth certificate of the individual, a document containing the net worth of an individual, usually certified by a Chartered Accountant (CA) for Visa Processing.

  • Net worth is the aggregate resources of an individual or an enterprise by deducting liabilities from total asset size.
  • So to process the visa effectively in the minimum time frame, one requires a CA certificate to authorize the net worth.
  • The prime objective of having a CA certificate is to check the financial soundness of the applicant.
  • We provide CA certificate for the following categories of Visa - Student Visa, Tourist Visa, SOWP Visa (Spouse Open Work Permit Visa), Other Visas

Why CA Certificate / Report is required for VISA?

A CA Certificate /Report provides confidence to the Visa Officer that you are financially sound to meet the education and living expenses for your study / travel outside India. It removes all the doubts of consular / Visa Officer in the foreign embassy about your eligibility for the visa.

What is the meaning of Networth Certificate for VISA?

Net worth refers to the total value of an individual's assets after subtracting their liabilities. This includes various assets such as the

  1. Income of Parents as per the last two years' income tax returns
  2. Agricultural income, agricultural lands, open plots, residential or commercial buildings,
  3. Value of motor vehicles,
  4. Gold holdings at current market rates,
  5. Fixed deposits, recurring deposits,
  6. Holdings value of shares, bonds, mutual funds, equity instruments, employee provident fund (EPF) account balance (including contributions from both employer and employee), public provident fund (PPF) closing balance,
  7. Insurance policies' surrender value or premium paid till date, and
  8. Bank balance (having a balance between 3 to 7 lakhs may strengthen a VISA application).

What is the Process for getting a CA Report for VISA?

To obtain a CA Certificate for a visa application, it is necessary to approach a CA firm and furnish documentation pertaining to one's assets and liabilities. This information will be assessed and used to determine the net worth of the individual for their visa application to countries such as Canada, Australia, America, Ireland, UK, China, and others. Our firm can provide these services to you at a reasonable cost, offering you the best value for your money. We have successfully processed over 100 visa applications thus far.

Our Services of CA Certificate For Student & Tourist VISA

Contact us to express your interest in obtaining the CA Report and submit the required documents to Once we have received the documents, an associate will be dedicated to you for further processing. 

We will use this information to prepare a draft copy of the CA report. We will send this draft copy of CA Report to you for confirmation. Once you have approved it, we will proceed to provide you with a finalized Certified CA report that you can submit for your Visa processing.

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Step-by-Step Process

Here is the process we follow:

    • Step one: Contact us to express your interest in obtaining a Net Worth Certificate.
    • Step two: You will be required to submit the necessary documents to us via email at Once we have received the documents, an associate will be assigned to you for further processing.
    • Step three: Our team member will verify all the documents and reach out to you for any clarification required.
    • Step four: You will be asked to pay a partial fee as an advance.
    • Step five: A draft certificate will be prepared based on the information you provided, and it will be sent to you for review.
    • Step six: Once you approve the draft, we will prepare the final certificate, get it stamped, and send it to you.
    • Step seven: You will receive a scanned soft copy of the final certificate with a stamp and signature.
    • Rush Service: Need the Networth Certificate in Few Hours? Contact us to know the details of our express services.
    • All our services are conducted online, eliminating the need for physical visits to the office. You can share the documents via our email, Google Drive, OneDrive, or WhatsApp.

Pricing Policy

CA Report For Visa

Affidavit Of Sponsor

Property Valuation

Income Tax Return

Starting from ₹2,500Free₹3,500**₹2,000
 CA Networth CertificateDraft AffidavitValuation ReportIT Return
*Please see details belowStamp Paper & Notary is not included
Govt. Taxes Additional

Breakdown of our fees: Click on any of the following points to get additional details

1) CA Certificate / CA Report / Networth Certificate for VISA - ₹2,500

Comprehensive CA Certificate for Visa starting at ₹2,500. It covers the assessment of the applicant's personal assets (single person). Additional costs apply for including the assets of family members and relatives.

2) Affidavit Of Sponsor - Free

In case the applicant is being sponsored by another person then we can provide you with draft affidavit of sponsor. Please note that Stamp Paper & Notary is NOT included in this. The Affidavit of Sponsor is not mandatory. Please be aware that some service providers may unnecessarily impose this affidavit on applicants, even though its usage in the entire visa process is zero. It is advisable to check with your visa agent to determine if you need it at all. 

3) Property Valuation - ₹3500 per property**

A Property Valuation Report becomes essential if you wish to eliminate the risk of an incomplete profile. We partner with team of Qualified Government Approved Valuers for Property Valuation Report that can enhance your profile, instilling confidence in it.

All Property Valuations are conducted by Qualified Government Approved Valuers. The fees for processing the Property Valuation varies depending upon they type of property (Land vs Flat vs others) and location of Property. Usually the fees charged by the Qualified Government Approved Valuers start from ₹3500 plus GST. 
4) Income Tax Return - ₹2,000

If you have Form 16 or a payslip, you may not require the Income Tax Return for your visa application. However, it is advisable to file an Income Tax Return as it is considered an authentic document by all embassies. Please consult with your visa agent to confirm whether it is necessary for your specific case.


Discounts available in case of Multiple Individuals - Get Quote

Required Documents

Primarily, we need the details of Income, Assets and Loans along with basic KYC details. Refer the below list of documents the we need. This document list is a sample, not a complete requirement. Choose the documents that fit your specific visa needs.

All documents to be submitted in digital format only - pdf or image files

KYC Documents - Aadhar Card, PAN card & Passport.

Income Proof - Income Tax Return Form, Payslips, or Form-16

Assets Proof

  • Savings Account - Bank Statement/Certificate or Balance Screenshot
  • Fixed Deposits - Bank Statement/Certificate or Balance Screenshot
  • PPF/EPF (Provident Fund) - Statement or Closing Balance Screenshot
  • Investments (Shares, bonds, mutual funds, equity) - Statement or Broker’s Platform Screen Capture (Position/Holdings)
  • Gold - No documentation required up to specific limits (See FAQ below).
  • Four Wheeler or Two Wheeler: Latest Insurance Copy
  • Property Related - Abstract of Sale Deed or Title Deed
  • Property Related - Property Tax Receipt or Electricity Bill (validating ownership)

Liabilities - Home Loan, Car Loan, Education Loan (Sanction letter or Proof of Loan Sanctioned or Loan Statement), etc

Additional Documents for Student Visa - 

  • Offer Letter from educational institution
  • Letter of Acceptance (Canada)
  • I-20 (USA)
CA Certificate For Student & Tourist VISA


Click on any question to view the details

Is CA report mandatory for visa interview?

Whether a CA report is mandatory for a visa interview depends on the specific visa category and the requirements of the country you are applying to. In some cases, providing a CA report or other financial documentation may be required to demonstrate that you have sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay in the country. In other cases, it may not be necessary. It's always best to check the visa requirements of the country you are applying to and consult with an immigration lawyer or visa consultant to determine what documents are required for your specific situation.

I have Gold jewellery but I don't have any receipt for it, can I show it in my Networth Certificate for VISA?
CA Certificate For Student & Tourist VISA | Gold jewellery can be included in CA Certificate for Student & Tourist VISA also known as Networth Certificate
According to the Central Board of Direct Taxes (Income Tax Board), it is permissible to possess a certain amount of gold without a receipt or invoice, or even if it appears to be inconsistent with the individual's income tax records. The limits vary based on the individual's gender and marital status, with married women allowed up to 500 grams, unmarried women up to 250 grams, and married or unmarried men up to 100 grams. No Bills Documentation is required.

Sample Gold Jewellery Evaluation

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Can I show my house property for Networth Certificate for VISA?Yes, you can show your house property as a part of your net worth certificate for a visa application. A net worth certificate is a document that shows the total value of an individual's assets and liabilities, and it is often required by immigration authorities to determine an individual's financial stability and ability to support themselves while living abroad.  
CA Certificate For Student & Tourist VISA | House property for Networth Certificate for VISA
A house property would be considered as an asset and its current market value would be included in the net worth certificate. However, it is important to note that the specific requirements and guidelines for net worth certificates may vary depending on the country and type of visa you are applying for. In case where a student has applied for an Education Loan against property mortgaged, then you need to attach a Property Evaluation Report & the corresponding Loan Approval Letter. The Property Evaluation Report generally have these facts included:

    • Property pictures
    • Size of the property and specifications
    • Ownership proof of the property being evaluated


Can I submit the details of Education loan? I have the loan approval letterStudents have the option of submitting a Loan Approval Letter, which they can easily get from the bank that is providing the loan. However, there are certain things that a student must bear in mind when obtaining this letter:
    1. The letter should be issued on the bank's official letterhead and must be signed and stamped by the authorized personnel.
    2. The Loan Approval Letter should clearly specify the amount of loan and the student’s name on it.
    3. The letter should include a promise to disburse the amount as and when specified. 
    4. It should mention “The Loan of Rs. XX,00,000.00 has been fully sanctioned and all terms and conditions are completed except disbursement.”


What is a Spouse Open Work Permit Canada (SOWP Visa)?

The spousal open work permit is a special work permit issued to individuals with spouses in Canada. Foreign nationals (principal applicants) in Canada can fall into one of three categories:
1) They are studying in Canada and hold a valid study permit
2) They are foreign skilled workers in Canada and hold a valid work permit
3) They are business owners/entrepreneurs working as a “high skilled worker” in Canada

The spousal open work permit Canada’s “open” nature means the holder can work for any employer in the country. Their work permit will typically have a validity length that coincides with their spouse’s work permit or study permit validity date.


I have received a scholarship, can I include it to show the financial ability?

If you have been awarded a scholarship, you may include the scholarship letter as proof of your financial ability. Typically, this letter is supplied by the educational institution that awarded you the scholarship. Similarly, if you have obtained a governmental grant, you must submit a copy of it as well.

How to get refund of TCS (Tax Collected at Source)?

Education loans for foreign education remitted abroad are subject to Tax Collected at Source (TCS). The following provides a detailed breakdown of the applicable TCS on such transactions.

TCS is levied on foreign remittances under Liberalised Remittance Scheme (LRS Scheme) by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The LRS Scheme allows Indian resident individuals to remit funds outside India, up to a limit of US$ 2,50,000 per financial year, without requiring prior approval from the RBI for specific transactions.

Permissible transactions under the LRS Scheme encompass a range of activities, including but not limited to: Education Loan remitted abroad, Tuition Fees remitted abroad, opening foreign currency accounts abroad, Family maintenance expenses, covering living and travel expenses, etc

  • Loan Remittance - Taxes will be collected (TCS) at a rate of 0.5% on loan remittances when a PAN number is provided. In the absence of a PAN number, the TCS rate will be a flat 5%.
  • Tuition Fees Remittance - Taxes will be collected (TCS) at a rate of 5% on foreign remittances exceeding 7 lakhs,(excluding education loans) when a PAN number is provided. In the absence of a PAN number, the TCS rate will be a flat 10%.
  • How to get refund of the TCS? Either you or the co-applicant must file the Income Tax Return (ITR) and claim Tax Collected at Source (TCS). If the annual total income falls below the taxable limit (5 lakhs), you are eligible to claim a refund of the collected tax (TCS). Additionally, you can avail a deduction for the interest paid on the education loan under Section 80E of the Income Tax Act.

    We offer supplementary services, including support in securing tax refunds for TCS or filing of 15CA/CB Income Tax Forms on your behalf. 


Free CA Certificate for Visa Samples

Free Property Valuation Report Samples

These pictures serve as a sample report for reference purpose. We only provide property valuation report along with CA Certificate.


Free CA Networth Certificate Formats


CA Certificate For Student & Tourist VISA for ₹ 2500 | Networth Certificate - ₹ 2500 | Mumbai CA | Free Certificate Samples | UDIN

Our Terms and Conditions for Net Worth Certificate Issuance Services

Scope of Service: The net worth certificate issuance service includes the assessment and verification of financial documents provided by the client to determine their net worth. Client Responsibilities: The client agrees to provide accurate and complete financial documents, including but not limited to, income tax returns, form 16, bank statements, investment statements, property valuations, property agreements, details of loans & other liabilities, and other relevant financial records. The client is responsible for updating our associates at CA Mitesh and Associates immediately with any changes in their financial status that may affect the accuracy of the net worth certificate. Confidentiality: All client financial information and documents provided for the purpose of issuing the net worth certificate will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and will not be disclosed to any third party without the client's explicit consent. Professional Judgment: The net worth certificate will be issued based on the professional judgment of our Chartered Accountant at CA Mitesh and Associates after a thorough review of the client's financial documents. We reserve the right to request additional information or clarification as required. Accuracy of Information: Our Chartered Accountant will make reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of the net worth certificate; however, the client acknowledges that the accuracy of the certificate is dependent on the accuracy and completeness of the financial information provided by the client. Limitation of Liability: We at CA Mitesh & Associates shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages resulting from the issuance of the net worth certificate or the use of the certificate by any third party. Fee Structure: The client agrees to pay the agreed-upon fees for the net worth certificate issuance service as per the fee structure provided by the service provider. Fees are non-refundable once the service has been initiated. Above price for Comprehensive CA Certificate for Visa for ₹2,500 is starting price for single applicant and his own assets. And in case there is more than one person’s assets then there would be additional charges which would be assessed by our associates and communicated to the client during the course of the work. UDIN: UDIN refers to "Unique Document Identification Number." UDIN is a system implemented by professional regulatory bodies, particularly in the field of chartered accountancy and auditing. Additional charges apply for Unique Document Identification Number (UDIN). Above prices do not include UDIN in the CA report. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to decline the issuance of UDIN for any grounds deemed appropriate, without limitation. Termination of Service: Either party may terminate the net worth certificate issuance service with written notice. In the event of termination, the client is responsible for payment of fees for services rendered up to the termination date. Governing Law: This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of India, and any disputes arising under or in connection with this agreement shall be resolved in the courts of India. Amendments: The terms and conditions of this agreement may be amended by us with written notice to the client. Amendments will be effective upon the client's continued use of the net worth certificate issuance service.

By availing of the net worth certificate issuance service and paying the advance fees, the client acknowledges and agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions.