NRI Taxation India: Annual Information Statement (AIS) – Impact On NRIs, Foreign Citizens & Seafarers


What is Annual Information Statement (AIS)?

The Annual Information Statement (AIS) is a recently introduced system by the Income Tax Department. It serves as an information repository for taxpayers, providing insights into their financial transactions throughout a given year. This comprehensive statement encompasses various financial activities undertaken by taxpayers within the specified period.

How does AIS impact Non Residents, NRIs?

For many NRIs and foreign citizens, engaging in financial transactions in India is common. The AIS now captures these transactions, even if individuals do not file Indian tax returns. Consequently, the Income Tax Department may initiate inquiries or issue notices to NRIs and non-residents regarding their unfiled tax returns in light of these recorded transactions.

What are the benefits of AIS to NRIs, Non-Residents?

NRIs, OCIs, and other non-residents stand to benefit significantly from the AIS system:

  1. Streamlined reconciliation of transactions with AIS data.
  2. Facilitated retrieval of necessary banking or brokerage information for tax filing purposes.
  3. Reduction of potential tax department inquiries by ensuring comprehensive reporting of transactions in tax returns.
  4. Enhanced tracking and management of investments and financial activities in India.
  5. Improved awareness of the importance of filing tax returns among NRIs.

What are the types of transactions provided in Annual Information Statement (AIS)? Does It apply To Non-Residents, NRIs, Seafarers?

The AIS encompasses various transactional data relevant to NRIs, non-residents, and seafarers, including:

  1. Salary information.
  2. Interest income from savings and deposit accounts.
  3. Purchase and sale records of mutual funds, shares, and bonds.
  4. Specified financial transactions (SFT), such as property transactions and cash deposits.
  5. Tax deducted at source (TDS) and tax collected at source (TCS) details.
  6. Tax demand and refund particulars.

This information pertains to financial activities commonly undertaken by NRIs and non-residents in India, underscoring the importance of AIS for tax compliance.

Where can NRIs, OCIs, Seafarers find the Annual Information Statement (AIS)?

NRIs, OCIs, and seafarers can access the AIS through the Income Tax Department's portal ( By logging into their accounts on the portal, individuals can navigate to the "Services" tab and select the "Annual Information Statement (AIS)" option, which redirects them to the AIS website.

What does NRIs, OCIs, Seafarers do if there is any incorrect or duplicate information in the AIS?

In the event of incorrect or duplicate information in the AIS, NRIs, OCIs, and seafarers can review the statement and compare it with their actual transactions. If discrepancies are identified, individuals can provide feedback and report the errors to the Income Tax Department for resolution.


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