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NRI Taxation

I am a NRI or PIO or OCI ( Overseas Citizen of India living in USA ). I have not filed my income tax return in India since i migrated to USA for job in 2005 because there was no taxable income for me india since then . Now , i am planning to start filing Income Tax Return in India from Assessment Year 2018 - 19 because now i have 2 rented house properties in India and this is the only source of my income in India . Please clarify :
(a) Can i file my India Income Tax Return online , if yes , then which Form should i use to file my return for Income from house property ?
(b) I have my old PAN Card which i was using for my tax returns in india till 2005 before migrating to USA , can i use the same card for now or any change needed ?
(c) Can such NRI or PIO or OCI Person take help of some amount of  funds as loan or gift from his friend in India to buy a house property in India  like if a house is for sale for Rs.25 Lakhs and such NRI wants to take help with Rs.10 Lakhs and and rest Rs.15 Lakh he has in his NRE/NRO Bank Account in India ? What if this situation gets reverse like can an Indian Citizen Resident take help of some amount of funds as loan or gift from his NRI/PIO/OCI friend to buy a home in India ?