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Hopefully, by now, you've already enlisted a Crypto Tax Consultant India for professional help in preparing your taxes. Including what you need to report, what you owe, and which forms you need to file for your Cryptocurrency activities. Obviously, each person's tax situation is very unique. You have a Potential Tax liability on Cryptocurrency in India if you have engaged in any of the following activities: - Traded Cryptocurrency in an exchange - Earned Cryptocurrency from mining - Received Cryptocurrency as a gift or inheritance - Used a foreign Cryptocurrency exchange - Invested in or issued an ICO or STO or IEO - Running your own Crypto Exchange - Having your own token or coin - Registered company abroad or - Running a Cryptocurrency Business We are the leading crypto tax consultants in India. We handle all your Income Tax compliances for any incomes arising on any Blockchain or cryptocurrency trading. So while you invest, trade, mine, run nodes or offer Blockchain solutions, we are happy to take care of your crypto taxes for you. Keywords CMS Meta: how to pay tax on cryptocurrency in india, crypto tax calculator india, income tax on cryptocurrency, income tax on bitcoin india 2020, is cryptocurrency legal in india 2020, taxation of cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency trading in india, how to calculate tax on cryptocurrency, bitcoin, dogecoin, litecoin, bitcoin cash, monero, dash, coinbase, binance, tesla inc, square, microstrat, gemini, zanmai labs pvt ltd, zeb it service pvt ltd, primestack pte ltd, buyucoin, income tax on cryptocurrency, is cryptocurrency legal in india 2021, taxation of cryptocurrency, is cryptocurrency legal in india 2021, gst on cryptocurrency in india, crypto tax calculator india, is cryptocurrency taxable in india, how to pay taxes for cryptocurrency, how much tax for cryptocurrency, how is cryptocurrency taxed

KYC and AML for cryptocurrency transactions

Know-Your-Customer (KYC) identity verification procedures have become vital to ensure that Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Combating-Financing-of-Terrorism (CFT) efforts to curb cryptocurrencies-associated crimes are successful. This aspect is of paramount importance for crypto investors engaged in P2P transactions and those who engage in USDT INR Arbitrage.

Cryptocurrency and Black Money Act

Many Cryptocurrency Traders & Investors have holdings in foreign exchanges such as Binance, FTX, etc. Plus many hold Cryptocurrency in wallets in foreign countries. All these individuals need to disclose all their foreign assets while filing their tax returns otherwise they would be in violation…

Indian Bank stopping customers from investing in crypto overseas

Indian bank bars customers from investing in crypto overseas using RBI’s remittance system. ICICI Bank, one of the largest private sector bank in the country has updated its remittance form requiring clients to explicitly declare that they will not use foreign remittances to buy digital…