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Cryptocurrency Scams (13)

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2022 India Cryptocurrency scam of 500 crores

Recently, In New Delhi, a group of investors were scammed into one of the largest 2022 India Cryptocurrency scam with a whopping sum of 500 crores rupees. All this was done on the promise of 200 percent returns on their investments. 

Aside from promising a 200 percent annual return on investment, these accused also promised their investors a 5-20 percent monthly returns, that were to be credited to the investors' bank accounts on the 5th, 15th, or 25th of every month, according to the testimony of the victims.

Recover Money from Cryptocurrency scams in Hongkong

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Lost Bitcoin - Can you claim a tax deduction in India?

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Lost Bitcoin - Can you claim a tax deduction in India? Today we will talk about the scenario wherein an investor or trader has lost bitcoin and whether he claim a tax deduction on that loss in India. Bitcoins could be lost in variety of…