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Accounting for Cryptocurrencies

Accounting for Cryptocurrencies |  Outsource your bookkeeping & crypto accounting | Outsource Bookkeeping | Outsource Crypto Accounting | Outsource Bookkeeping to India | Outsource Crypto Accounting to India

Numerous challenges arise in the practical work of chartered accountants, often due to lack of specific accounting standards to address them. Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, serve as a notable illustration of this dilemma. Given the absence of dedicated accounting guidelines for cryptocurrencies, accountants find themselves…

Indian Man Recovers $43,000 lost in Crypto Scam

Cryptocurrency Scam Investigation Consultation | How crypto scams work There are three main types of crypto scams:  investing in a fake crypto exchange, website or app fake crypto tokens, investments or jobs trading crypto using crypto to pay scammers Fake trading platforms or crypto wallets These may mimic a real online exchange or wallet, but can work in different ways:  Phishing webpages – These capture the details you enter, so the scammer can log in later and steal your crypto. They may also send links via phishing emails or pretend to be official customer support in direct messages. Investment opportunity – You use their platform to trade or mine crypto. Initially, your crypto goes up in value, so you invest more. But then they lock you out, close the site and disappear with your money.

Finally a good news on Crypto Scams front - Indian Man Recovers $43,000 lost in Crypto Scam A mobile store proprietor in Maharashtra's Thane district, who had fallen victim to a cryptocurrency scam losing Rs 36 lakh (US$43,953) over a year ago, has successfully reclaimed…

Taxation of Money Lost in a Crypto Scam in India 2024

Taxation of Money Lost in a Crypto Scam in India 2023 | What is a crypto scam? Phishing scams, Fake crypto trading scam via WhatsApp & Telegram groups, Giveaway scams, Rug pulls, Dusting attacks, Are coins lost in a crypto scam subject to taxation? Is it possible to declare crypto lost in a scam as a capital loss? USDT Arbitrage | Crypto Arbitrage | Risk Free Money | Buying USDT overseas | Overseas Direct Investment | Cryptocurrency scams | Recover Money | Hongkong | WhatsApp | Telegram | Free Consultation | Legal Help | Recover Money | Cryptocurrency Scams | Cryptocurrency Fraud | Fake Trading | Bitcoin Fraud | Withdraw Money

Crypto scams are very widespread. From phishing to rug pulls to fake crypto trading scam to crypto giveaway scams, billions of dollars are annually lost by investors to fraudulent crypto schemes. If you have experienced the misfortune of losing money to a crypto scam, you…