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Recover Stolen Crypto from Scams (8)

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Pig Butchering Crypto Scam via WhatsApp & Telegram

Pig Butchering Crypto Scam originating from WhatsApp or Telegram. Read here - how this scam is executed & how we can assist you in recovering your stolen crypto.

This latest crypto scam has earned its name due to its well-orchestrated and highly interactive nature, designed to lure victims into investing more funds before being financially exploited. The "Pig Butchering Crypto Scam" has people scratching their heads because the cryptocurrency exchange is asking them…

Pitfalls of P2P trading

It has been reported by a number of clients that Indian authorities have taken action to freeze their bank accounts due to their involvement in P2P trading. This post is to inform you about the potential risks associated with engaging in P2P transactions. Crypto P2P…

Indian Man Recovers $43,000 lost in Crypto Scam

Cryptocurrency Scam Investigation Consultation | How crypto scams work There are three main types of crypto scams:  investing in a fake crypto exchange, website or app fake crypto tokens, investments or jobs trading crypto using crypto to pay scammers Fake trading platforms or crypto wallets These may mimic a real online exchange or wallet, but can work in different ways:  Phishing webpages – These capture the details you enter, so the scammer can log in later and steal your crypto. They may also send links via phishing emails or pretend to be official customer support in direct messages. Investment opportunity – You use their platform to trade or mine crypto. Initially, your crypto goes up in value, so you invest more. But then they lock you out, close the site and disappear with your money.

Finally a good news on Crypto Scams front - Indian Man Recovers $43,000 lost in Crypto Scam A mobile store proprietor in Maharashtra's Thane district, who had fallen victim to a cryptocurrency scam losing Rs 36 lakh (US$43,953) over a year ago, has successfully reclaimed…