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Types of Income Tax Notices - 2023 India

Income Tax Notices | 142(1) Notice | 143(3) Assessment | 143(2) Notice | 144 Assessment | 148 Notice | 147 Assessment | Crypto CA | Coinsecure Notice | notices to cryptocurrency investors

In this article we will discuss various Types of Income Tax Notices and their meaning. We will also cover some FAQ on Income Tax Notices In this case, the Assessing Officer (AO) is of the opinion that ITR filed by the assessee is defective then…

Arbitrage in Cryptocurrency 

USDT Arbitrage | Crypto Arbitrage | Arbitrage in Cryptocurrency | USDT INR | FEMA | Income Tax | TDS | Risk Free Money

Arbitrage in cryptocurrency involves buying and selling assets across different markets to take advantage of price differences. It can be a profitable trading strategy, but requires expertise and careful consideration of fees, timing, and risks. Arbitrage in cryptocurrency refers to the practice of taking advantage…

Recover Money from Cryptocurrency scams in Hongkong

This article is on how to recover money from cryptocurrency scams from Hongkong if you have been scammed into a cryptocurrency fraud. Cryptocurrency has become the new tool of choice for fraudsters given the decentralised nature and easy access of the cryptocurrency market. Similar to…